ino:id lost


I am running Tamino 4.1. I have installed a Java server extension that is similar to the SQL limit function. It takes in an XML object, a start index (int), a count (int), and it returns an XML object. When I perform the query from the Interactive Interface, the ino:id attributes are missing. I have confirmed with the SXS Trace that the ino:id attributes are being returned by the function. So, it appears that somewhere after the function returns and before the results are displayed the ino:id attributes are being removed or lost somehow. Is this a bug in Tamino? If so, I am surprised there has not been a post about this before.



Hello Patrick,

This is not a bug, it’s a feature. Because Tamino ‘knows’ that the returned result of your Server Extension Query function is not (or must not be) a real content of the database, ino:id and ino:docname are cut off before the result is returned.

If you merely need the information of the ino:ids, the easiest way is to change the attribute name (e.g. to ino-id) in the query function.

Best Regards,

Julius Geppert
Software AG