Problem with Different Schemas for Notifications

When we migrate across different environments, the schema name changes. For example, in Dev we have a DB schema called DEVDB, in SIT SITDB and in Production its PRODDB.

When we configure JDBC Adapter Notifications, under Tables tab, we specific the name of the table (Table Name, center option) as DEVDB.table_name. When we migrate the code to SIT, the table resides in SITDB.table_name and not DEVDB.table_name. How do we handle this scenario.

In Adapter Services, we can use the custom SQL Templates and the issue is taken care of. I am not sure how we do for Adapter Notifications. 


We make use of database users that can only access the schema concerned

for instance we have a DEV user that can only access the DEVDB schema, so when creating JBDBC adapter services I do not select a schema. So for instance if I create an insert the table I do the insert on looks like;


this can be promoted to a test environment where the DB connection is different and the functionality still works without change

Does this make sense ?


something got a bit mixed up

I meant to write;