How to handle schema owner changes on JDBC notifications

I’m building a JDBC insert notification on an Oracle database. The schema owner for the table changes from environment to environment (i.e. build to test to production). Also, the schema isn’t owned by the userid on the connection string. There is no way to “dynamically” specify the schema in a notification so I don’t have to log into developer on production and change the schema after I have migrated the package (tech support confirmed this). I’m handling this on other JDBC services by using JDBC Dynamic SQL to specify the schema dynamically. Any suggestions on how, process-wise, I can handle this? My ultimate goal is to avoid having to “touch” the notification in Developer after I move it to each environment.

I also didn’t find a solution for this.

In the old days of Enterprise Server you could modify these values in the .adl image by doing a text replace but now it is binary it seems.

So I never hardcode my schema.

if there is a solution, I’m also interested :slight_smile:

another big issue to me is that you cannot switch the connections on your JDBC adapter services