Problem when using pub.client.get service to read large file

When using the service pub.client.get for reading large file from an FTP location and saving to local Integration Server I get out_of_memory error. Could anybody suggest some way to overcome this problem.


Here’s a few approaches that may not be ideal but would work:

  1. If you have control over the original creation of the file, create multiple smaller files instead. You can always concatenate the pieces later.

  2. Instead of using the pub.client.get service, call an external FTP client program to do the transfer direct to a file on your host.

  3. Try increasing -Xmx so the memory limit isn’t reached.

  4. Try specifying a “localfile” parameter on the service. I haven’t tried this, but it might then write the file to disk without trying to hold it all in memory. I’m not confident of this, but it’s worth a quick test.

Good luck!