problem when mapping to document list


I have very strange result, when I using NodeToDocument and the output I map to a predefined doucument.

I have predeifined Document, and the structure is like

Text -
-User (this is a documentlist)
–Name (string)
–address (string)
–state (string)

When pipeline comes in, there is only one tag, and then after mapping my predefined document, the User became “Document” rather than document list.

When there are multiple value, then I saw document list type on result panel.

I already defined the destination document is a document list so I assuem even there is only one set of data, it should still present as “Document list” rather than “Document”.

Any ideal?



Are you populating “documentTypeName” variable input in the service and setting “makeArrays” to false ?

Thanks for your reply.
On service NodeToDocument, I did set the “MakeArrays” to “true”, but I missed the part of add new DocumentList variables to “arrays”.

After fixing this, it worked fine.