Problem using collation and transliteration

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I have the following data on my database:



“ignore” is the correct one, and it should work. Is there a text index? Did you recreate this index after the change in ino:transliteration? Did you restart the database?



Hi Harald,

Following your instructions, I’ve recreated the index and also restarted the database, but it still does not work.

I don’t know why, but in the ino:transliteration I get 4 documents. Three of them are copies of the one I’ve updated (three times with the X-Plorer) and the last, with the ino:docname=“default”, is the original one. Maybe I am not updating the ino:transliteration in the correct way… Can you help me?

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ok, this explains a lot, Tamino only considers the ino:transliteration document with name “default”, so all your changes did not succeed. The X-plorer cannot really update a document…
So I suggest that you remove 3 of your 4 documents, or even all, depending on the tools you have
if you have XML Spy, use the “Open URL” functionality giving the full path of the document (i.e. http://localhost/tamino/...ino:vocabulary//ino:transliteration/default), do your modifications and press “Save”
If you do not have such an XML editor, delete all documents from the database (but keep a local copy), and then load the copy into the collection, using either TaminoInteractiveInterface (specifying ino:vocabulary/ino:transliteration/default in the “collection” field) or Tamino Loader using the ino:object wrapping to spefify the ino:docname

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I’ve had to use Tii, X-Plorer and XmlSpy together in order to update and not to create addicional documents in the ino:vocabulary, but It worked. Thanks a lot.

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