Problem setting up Email port in integration server 46

Hi All,

I am trying to se up an email port in the 4.6 integration server to receive xml's as mail attachments. I used the Add Port functionality to add the new Webmethods/Email port. After entering all the values in the form and when trying to enable it i am getting the following error in the admin console 

‘Failed to start EmailListener:pop3:Administrator@wenmethmail:9000: [B2BSERV.0070.9003] Enable failed: Could not log into account Administrator@wenmethmail

can anybody tell me what i am doing wrong? I did successfully configured and received xml throught HTTP and FTP.

thnx in Advance
Anil Jacob

The listener couldn’t log into your POP3 server. Double-check the user name and password used to connect to the POP3 server.

Hi Rob,

thnx for the reply, The username and password I entered in AddPort page is "Administrator' and 'manage'. Is there anyother place where i should give this username/password? 


That’s not the right username/password - Administrator/manage is for the IS server. You have to provide the username/password for the MAIL server (where the emails will reside). The email port is not an actual mail server - IS goes out to the mail server and retrieves the emails and then invokes a flow service.

Your userid & password look like the default entries for the WM server, not for your POP3 postoffice.

You do understand that you are configuring an email client to pickup messages from a regular email server. The WM service does not directly receive emails, rather it will pick them up from a mailbox on your POP3 server.

FYI: not changing the default password after an install is a bad practice.

thnx guys,

I was under the impressing that the webmethods will directly receive emails. I have it enabled now.  

Thnx again!