Problem sending XML data using HTTP Post

Hi , i have one doubt in pub.client.http can we directly post xml or i have to convert it to byte or String .
the following Input is enough:-
url : http://servername:portname/invoke/folder/servicename
method: Post
data: string
auth : suername & password
header content-type : text/xml

Please reply soon as its urgent

Thanks in advance

“can we directly post xml or i have to convert it to byte or String”–>Yes you can send anyways like map data/string (xmldata) or convert xmldata to bytes or stream (large files) types.

P.S:Make sure the invoking service input is Node (object) for parsing/down stream processing…



Which path is better to send xml data to TP:

1)by using EDINT:send to TN and then from TN to TP
2)By using the pub.client:http

Encryption and signature validation is also required.

Thanks in advance

Is your requirement to use Encryption and signature validation to TN? or out to the TP?

Both can be used to send to your TP from TN. Encryption and signature validation are handled by both. AS2 requires a bit more service code handling.