Problem resubmitting in wm 65

I’m using webMethods 6.5 and i want to resubmit a service. So i invoke the service pub.monitor.serviceControl:resubmit, with the inputs contextID and the inputPipeline, but nothing happens (no error, no log in the database). I really don’t know if is something i did wrong or the way of using the package wmMonitor in 6.5 has changed.


The monitor service has changed for 6.5. Have you downloaded the current version, just released a couple of weeks ago? Have you run all of the database scripts including the new oracle.bat(sh for unix). I’m currently working on an issue with webMethods support related to the 6.5 monitor. Not sure yet if it is a bug or if it is a user install error . They have been able to duplicate the problem. I’ll post back when I know more.