Problem of mapping Token generated into webservice call

Hi All,

I have project to access webservices using the token which generated after successful login.
The problem is the token created has the different level with the required token which used by webservices to do the action.

Here is the example output of the Token.
(see first picture in the word doc)

And here is the input requirement of the Token.
(see second picture in the word doc)

I have provided the various mapping from which i can think of, and none of these are working.
(see last three pictures in the word doc)

So the question is how do I map the token value successfully so that the webservice can read the token value from login action?

Appreciate if you can provide any help.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Fanny T

LMS_Issue.docx (238 KB)

Hi Fanny,

Can you let us know what are the document types of LoginUserToken and CreateEmptyUserUserSecurityContext?

Can you debug and see what values are passed in the UserManagementSoap_CreateEmptyUser?
My recommendations are:

  • pay attention to the mapping especially when you try to map from a list to a single object.
  • keep the pipeline clean so it is easier when you debug
  • go with the debug until pub.client:soap is called and see if the correct context object was passed
  • enable SOAP logging on the Integration Server and check in the server.log the content of the SOAP message

Let us know how it works.

Additionally, can you use the token generated from the first service and try calling the 2nd service from SOAP UI.

Share the results for the above test and we can try out other options.

Also as Vlad suggested, capture the soap request for the 2nd service.

Hi Vlad and Mahesh,

Many thanks for the suggestion.
I managed to find the solution by using Token Value with “Perform pipeline variable substitution”.

So with this string, i map this to the CreateEmptyUserUserSecurityContext. And i can connect to webservice successfully.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Fanny T