Problem mapping Invoic (97A) to Idoc (SAP BC 4.7)

Hello too all,

I have a little Problem when Mapping an Invoic 97A to an Invoic01 Idoc.

The EDI File includes a TAX Segment with 2 MOA Segements, the schema in the SAP BC has only one MOA Segment under the TAX Segment.
When Debugging, i can see both ot the MOA Sgements, 1 called MOA the 2nd called MOA@h.
Ist there any chance that i can map the information of the MOA@h Segement (as it is not shown in the
Flow View)

Best Regards

Michael :frowning:

Hi Michael,

Give me the right details of the EDI File, there are so many types of EDIFACT’s … So give me right details, i wil explain u clearly…



In theabove its already mentioned which EDIFACT document type it is…Its about EDIFACT INVOIC D97A