Problem Listener SAP

Hii guys

Anyone help me. i try create Listener in webmethods for SAP and then i try to start listener any problem like this “Server startup failed at Thu Aug 25 11:42:49 GMT+07:00 2005. This is caused by either a) erroneous server settings, b) the backend system has been shutdown, c) network problems. Will try next startup in 1 seconds. Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect_PM TPNAME=WMAHM, GWHOST=, GWSERV=3300 ERROR partner not reached (host, service 3300) TIME Thu Aug 25 11:42:49 2005 RELEASE 620 COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION 36 RC -10 MODULE ninti.c LINE 972 DETAIL NiPConnect2 SYSTEM CALL SO_ERROR ERRNO 10061 ERRNO TEXT WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused COUNTER 1”

what can i do …?


Looks like the host that you’ve configured is not correct. The error message returned from the RFC layer is WSAECONNREFUSED – connection refused. Ensure that you have the correct port and host.