Problem invoking java method in jar file from java service

I’m having a problem invoking a method in a jar file inside a java service. The jar file is inside the /packages//code/jars. The java service invokes the constructor of the custom Java class located in the jar file and invokes a method on the instance.

I know the java module inside the jar works because I’ve been testing with it for quite some time and I’m just trying to use Developer to create the java service to call the same module.

I’m not sure why it’s not behaving as it should and I don’t know how best to debug it.

The class in the jar file is not formatted with the jcode comments. I don’t need to reformat the code with those comments, right? I’m doing my java service in Developer and I’m invoking the module in the jar file. How simple should it be?

Thanks for any help you can extend.

Did you import the class?