Problem in starting MWS


MWS server is not getting started in one of my installation the logs shows like this

Hi Farooq,

the screen shot provided does not have any valuable information to continue analysis.

Please provide your wM version as well as more detailed information where startup of MWS gest stuck.
Is there a _full_.log available for this installation?


Hi i am keeping getting these message in logs

is it still getting up or some issue

I am preparing to give you all the information but meanwhile I have a question is MWS is not working properly will it effect Schedulers or any functionality as my observation is in one server MWS has some issues but other things are working as normal

My main issue is we have a new environment where we have all tha fix packs and versions of a working server but here schedulers are not working and in logs i can see
Error Logs

Server Logs


we have environment with same version and fix and its working fine

Hi @farooq.zubairi ,
This error stack trace is identical to

Please check if any of the conditions mentioned there are valid here as well, are two environments sharing the same DB , do you have the latest fixes DB scripts etc…


HI @Nagendra_Prasad
How to check db script version in both environments?

One thing i want ti highlight is we only copy schema/privilege etc but no data was copied, is there any default data need to be copy for schedulers to work that is causing the issue

one more observation when i restart batch instance i got error
[POP.004.0201] Cannot initialize MWS, invalid database schema is specified
Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: null
and thee keep getting
java.lang.NumberFormatException: null

and when I run my scheduler it never starts and nextRun is always 0.

Independent instances should never share the same database schema.

The MWS schema and the CommonDirectory as one of its parts needs to be initialized by starting the MWS prior to connecting the IS to this schema for CDS functionality.

Can you share an overview of the scheduled tasks page from IS Admin, please?

AFAIK, there is no data which needs to be copied from database schema to another.
All data is either generated during initialization/startup of the instances or by configuration after the instances were started.


Hi Holger
This is overview

but I have seen following logs in my log file

but unable to find the details of error ISS.0137.0000I in documentation.

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