Problem in JDBC adapter Connection

Hi friends
I am getting problem with JDBC adapter connection . I am using Wm 6.1 .I created a adapter connection with local transaction .The connection is created and i used all the available adapter services .it worked fine .But recently i am getting error as [ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service):

closed connection . Any adapter service is showing as connection closed .
But in admin page i had refreshed the connections and enabled it ,but the same error continues.

can anyone provide me assistance to solve this error.

thanks in advance


Did you see any error traces in IS logs during this time?? Please check it.

As a final option try bouncing IS or reload wmJDBCAdapter and let this forum know the status.


Hi rmg,
Yeah i had checked the erro log.there is same error displayed .i just disabled the connections and enabled it ,it is working fine .i am not understanding whether it is database error or Wm error .since the same thing i had tried yesterday ,it does not work but it works now .


Glad to know it is working now…keep monitoring and check the error logs when it happens again so you can troubleshoot the problem.

I guess its a general error thrown by adapter service,that could be of diff reasons like connection/network issue or something changed in IS adapter connection etc…