Problem in invoking webservice

Hi guys!
please help me…
how to invoke a webservice froma DSP via a browser.I will explain i have a flow service for that i have written a webservice connector and generated WSDL for that.I want to give inputs thru a DSP page and then the results has to be dsipayed in DSP/output template.
Also how to invoke that web service via a browser.

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I don’t understand what you are trying to do. Web services connectors are just Flow services that consume web services, they are not part of the process of exposing a Flow or java service as a web service.

Also, web services are not meant to be consumed directly by a DSP. You can invoke a Flow or java service directly from a DSP without having to first expose it as a web service.


Hi Mark !

You really helped me thanks! for your input, i was totally wrong .How to invoke a Flow or java service directly from a DSP without having to first expose it as a web service.
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Check out the document titled “Dynamic Server Pages and Output Templates” (DSPandTemplateDevGuide.pdf) found in
\webMethods6\Developer\doc\guides. Specifically, you can use the “invoke” tag to call flow services.

Also, you shoud check the Flow and Java Services forum on this site for more info.


Hi all!
you really helped a lot…
I have read some pages and about tags in DSP and Template Dev guide.
Thanks for the inputs.
I want to know what are web services and webservice connector how they are linked.Actually, i am trying to write a webservice and discovery and how to make my web service accessible by anyone in the internet.
please guide me with some simple examples.I have seen some services in i want to write a simple webservices that accepts acno and displays balance(that is generated randomly).How can i do that.
please help me.Thanks in advance!!!


It is really straightforward :slight_smile:

  1. Write service with acno/balance input/output and your logic (as you would with ordinary service),
  2. Specify universal name for that service under properties, for ex. namespace name-your IS hostname, local name-local name of your service,
  3. Generete wsdl file (Tools->Generate wsdl) - choose SOAP-RPC protocol. Save it locally or in YourPackageName/pub folder at IS,
  4. Consume wsdl file in client of your choice eg. in visual studio as web reference in .net project
  5. Invoke your new web service from client

et voila :slight_smile:

Also you could read WebServicesDevGuide and later SOAPDevGuide in webMethods6\Developer\doc\guides