Problem in installing the centrasite 3.1.8 with OS

Problem faced in installing the centrasite 3.1.8.

I am presently using windows xp home SP2 in my machine. but when i am installing the centrasite it is giving me this error.

" The license file does not include the windows version you are using".

In that location, i can see OS tag as winxp_pro, w2003s, w2003e , i have tried by giving winxp_home in that place but it does n’t worked.

how can i proceed without changing the OS.

Please help me in this regards,


I am also facing the same issue. Let me know if you have solved. Mean while I am also investigating

Thanks & regards
Amarnath V

I have seen this new licenses in wM 8, and they are digitally signed.

Any change in the xml file will result in a invalid one, so you cannot simply edit and modify any value.

For license issues I used to email, now should be .

Probably your XML license is not properly generated?, so mail there and request a new one.

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