Problem in connecting to TN 7.1-Vista OS


I am getting following error while trying to connect to TN 7.1

0003.4114 Could not get profile summary (username=Administrator). java.lang.IllegalStateException The main connection to the datastore has not been initialized. Check the Trading Networks JDBC connection pool.

Check that the server is running and accessible. Check that the current user has ACLs to access

Basically I have installed wM components in windows vista (OS) machine.

Could anyone please help in this regard ?

Step1: Setup the database
Example: Assuming you have installed the Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

step2: Using the ‘webMethods Database Component Configurator’ setup the Database component ‘PRODUCT - Trading Networks’ on the your data base
Type: create
Database Component: PRODUCT - Trading Networks
Version: latest
RDBMS: Oracle
URL: jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=XE
UserID: system
Password: ****
Create Tablespaces and Database User - check the box
Admin ID: system
Password: ****
TableSpaceDirectory: C:\webMethods7\common\db\scripts\oracle\storage\25\create

You should get success after setting up the above step

step3: You need to check the ISAdmin->settings->JDBC Pools->TN is running correctly with the associated pool Alias having the below settings

Database URL------------>jdbc:wm:oracle://:1521;SID=XE
User Id -------------------->
Password -----------------><*****>
Minimum Connections --> 0
Maximum Connections ->100
Idle Timeout -------------->18000 milliseconds

Restart the IS server and check the server log to make sure the server is not logged with below message
“JDBCConnectionManager: initialization failed for TN functional alias, check configuration.”

step4: Now try to run the TN.</*****>