Error while opening Trading Network Console opening


I have installed webmethods 7.1 in my local system…i am able to access with the Integration server and developper…but when i am opening TN console it is not opening…it is raising following error…

0003.4114 Could not get profile summary (username=Administrator). java.lang.IllegalStateException The main connection to the datastore has not been initialized. Check the Trading Networks JDBC connection pool.

Check that the server is running and accessible. Check that the current user has ACLs to access

Can anyone please help me.


Did you make sure you install/run the TN db scripts correctly located in the webMethods_Home/common/db folder per Install guide and also configure TN JDBC pool and test the functional alias connection assuming the db is up and running.


Please install DB database componenets (using scripts or DB configurator), then associate the JDBC pool to TN functional alias on IS admin page.

PS: There are lots of similiar posts for the same issue with same answers, so please search on the forum and then post the queries.

Thanks for your responses.