Problem in Blaze Rule flow service

Hi Everyone,

I have created one Ruleset with one rule inside it in Blaze Advisor. Beneath the details about the rule set step by step.

  1. I have created one ruleset name is ruleset1, thereafter I have created one rule in it.

  2. I have created one class name is class1 and have created one propery firstName.

3.After that I just go to rule set and set its return type to Object and simply I wrote return class1.firstName that’s it.

  1. Then I have deployed it to the Developer and try to run it

  2. Now How can I passed any value to object so I can get the response.

Suppose I have passed one value name is Ram so I would get the response as a RAM.

Problem is that I m not able to pass the value from developer to blaze throught object suppose I have one document and it has too many parameters need to be passed then how can i Pass those all to the blaze service and how it is going to be identified each parameters value

For example I have passed Radha pillai then how can it identify from the object that Radha as a firstname and pillai as a LastName

If any body has any idea about it then please reply other wise any other solution which can solve this problem :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,
Istiyak Vasiwala

Hi ,
Just create a new flow service and invoke rule service in your cutom flow service ,you’ll see Inputs and output.


Hi All,

How to deploy / integrate, rule(s) created at blaze advisor, in webMethods Developer.

thanks a lot for your replies in advance.