Problem importing XSD's of FpML Version 5.3

I’m trying to process IMPORT FpML version 5.3 XSD’s through WM. Some of the
XSD’s are working where as others are giving me the below error. XSD’s
which are giving me the below error are working fine in FpML version
5.0 and 5.2. Wanted to see if anyone else if is having the same problem while importing XSD’s of FpML version 5.3 into WM?

Success: false
URL: H:\StatusReport\DoddFrank\FpMLOrgSchemas\recordkeeping\fpml-doc-5-3.xsd
Message: Schema definition is INVALID
Error: 0
errorMessage: [ISC.0082.9006] Unable to locate a matching
attribute declaration
Error: 1
errorMessage: [ISC.0082.9006] Unable to locate a matching
attribute declaration

What is your IS version?

Its 8.0

What version of 8.x exactly?..8.0.1 or 8.2.1 or 8.2 SP2

Did you check Empower site or SAG support also for the fix on this issue if wM supports FPML 5.3 XSD’s?


Can you share those schemas here or will you be violating any license agreements?

I would say check the schemas to see if there are any referenced schemas (URI references) that can not be reached from the location you are trying to consume.

I know this sounds no brainer but did you validate the schemas using Eclipse or XMlSpy?


Hi - thanks for replying - its 8.0.1. No havent checked on Empower or SAG support. Will check and update this post.

Hi Akshith,

Thanks for looking into it for me.

These XSD’s are there on version 5.3 - goto view specifications -under recordkeeping folder -fpml-main-5-3.xsd & fpml-com-5-3.xsd

Below is the error message i’m getting while trying to validate fpml-main-5-3.xsd through AltovaXMLSPY
The schema doesn’t appear to be valid by itself (as a part of another schema, it might still be OK).
‘DataDocument’ must refer to an existing simple or complex type.
Error location: xsd:schema / xsd:complexType / xsd:complexContent / xsd:extension / @base
src-resolve: Cannot resolve W3C schema declaration or definition ‘DataDocument’.


Looks like you do not have the right files. I just downloaded those files and I was able to validate them in Eclipse and XMLSpy but the schema import in to WM still fails.

I went through all the schemas and looks like the fpml-doc-5-3.xsd has some references to attributes that are not defined in the schema.

Search for this in fpml-doc-5-3.xsd

<xsd:group name=“Validation.model” fpml-annotation:deprecated=“true” fpml-annotation:deprecatedReason=“Replaced by Implementation Specification in msg header”>

replace it with this line

<xsd:group name=“Validation.model”>

I was able to import the modified schema into WM developer. I would strongly advise open a ticket with FPML and get an official version of the schema with out the orphaned attributes.


Hi Akshith,

Thanks a ton…your suggestion fixed the problem and i was able to import fpml_doc_5.3 xsd successfully into WM. I was also able to validate them on XMLSpy.

Thanks once again for looking it for me…will log in the error with


Glad could help!