Problem faced when publishing a package

From past three days, I am facing a problem with a common_about package, that I have successfully published and can see that when I sign to webMethod server default page and goes to CAF Application option in home page, I can see the package there as well as in the Install administration .war file of the same package I can see.

Problem is when I go and try to see in my application using URL “http://localhost:8585/myapplication” when I inspect element I cannot see that in the source tab(i.e. there is no common_about package loaded). I have done all ways like restart, cleaning, publishing again, uninstalling the .war file of the package from install administration menu. None helped my same issue.

Anyhow tried to solve it by deploying the package in svn repository and again did check out.

Now I can see the file in source tab of chrome browser developer screen but still functionality of the package cannot be achieved.