problem converting broker repository from 1.0 to be used wit


We are trying to migrate our 4.1 platform to use a 5.0.1 broker server with a 4.1.1 adapters and move from ATC 1.1/BI 1.0 to ATC/ATE 4.1.1.

The migration of the broker data went well however, the blueprints and rulesets are not visible with the ATC/ATE4.1.1 and need a conversion. I have used a tool provided with ATE411 (ate_repo_converter.exe) to do the convertion. After conversion, it seems like ATC can’t find some ruleSets in the Broker Repository (that’s from the debug output of ATC).

Did any one faced that kind of problem or went through this king of migration without a problem?

may be there is an incompatibility problem between ATC/ATE4.1.1 and the 5.0.1 broker server?

Thanks in advance.


Please open a support ticket through Technical Services. We will need to get additional information to help you resolve this.


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