Private Queue, transactions stuck in QUEUED status

Last night we had an issue which caused a lot of transactions to go into a QUEUED status for one of our partners.

The preferred protocol is “Queued for polling” and it goes to a private queue. The queue is supposed to retry every minute for a max 5 retries, but during a span of about 3 hours it did not process these records - about 4,000.

This morning I was able to identify the records and have them resent correctly, however the old instance from last night still shows up as “QUEUED” and is causing new records to think there are other records in the queue - which is causing the new ones to also queue up for a short amount of time.

What I’d like to do is remove all the QUEUED transactions from the previous day, and it should clear up the queuing for today as well.

The issue is when I go into My webMethods and TASKS to delete the QUEUED records, it only deleted about 2300 or so of the 4000 which were stuck. The remaining 1200 won’t delete for some reason.

Is there a way to purge these ??

Any assistance would be helpful - thank you.

-Les Zalewski

I apologize, this is 9.7