private final static Namespace INO_NAMESPACE

What is the meaning of this?

private final static Namespace INO_NAMESPACE =


Looks like some code to create an instance of org.jdom.Namespace as a final static variable called INO_NAMESPACE. The code will retrieve (if already in existence) or create (if not) a Namespace for the supplied prefix (ino) and URI.

This is a very literal answer to your question - does it help?

i’m simply curious.
i get this message when i type some query on ie.

If you issue direct queries via IE you will see that the Tamino specific parts of the response document are associated with a specific namespace: the prefix being “ino:” and the namespace uri being “”. For queries, the query is is returned as part of the response document and it too has its own namespace: “XQL FAQ (XML Query Language - Frequently Asked Questions)”.