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I am a Mainframe programmer and I am currently investigating a printing issue we are having in Jacada.

In our JIS workspace, we have a seperate screen that serves as a print queue listing multiple items users have chosen to be printed during their session. Some documents available in the print queue contain several sub-applications (in our case, reports). Jacada has indicated that these multiple reports will be printed on a new page, however, if the previous report has a lot of blank spaces, the next report could begin on the middle of the page (which is exactly what is happening to us).

Jacada reps have indicated that there is not much they can do on their end and a possible solution would be to remove the extra blank spaces. I am having a difficult time removing extra spaces because I can not determine where they are comming from in the forms (Maps) we are trying to send to the print queue document from the mainframe.

I would like to know if anyone is aware of this issue between the Mainframe and JIS and if there are any solutions that could help us resolve the problem?

Thank You!


Sorry, I want to be more specific:

I am trying to print the documents from the “Available Print Jobs Window”. I am not sure if the problem with the extra spacing between reports is due to the Mainframe, JIS or IE settings?

We have NEWPAGE and EJECT statements in the mainframe that work fine. However, these statements seem to be ignored when printing from the “Available Print Jobs” screen. I have conducted some tests already, which include removing these statements or using them differently and I have not had any luck.

In the end, I am trying to determine if there is a solution at all.

Thanks again in advance!

Can you try printing the reports directly from the Mainframe? You indicated you don’t know at what level the problem exists, for me it would be step one.

I work in an AS400 environment and all of our reports print directly from the AS400. The Jacada interface only comes into play if users are trying to do a host screen print.

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Hi Erica,

Our support team should be able to assist you with this. In general we have quite a few settings to customize the host printing jobs before displaying the results to the user.

If you are on active maintenance with Software AG then please open a support ticket on our web site and our support team will guide you regarding which information to provide.

Best regrades,