how to handle page left and page right of mainframe.


Myself working in First Indian Corporation(India) a subsidiary of First American Corporation (US) using Applinx

Currently i am working in a Applinx with jsp project that is a enhancement of existing one.

I am displaying a letter on web from mainframe screen. As mainframe guys are displaying letter using PF7 and PF8 keys for previous and next pages in letter and also PF11 for scrolling page left and page right to the text hidden right and left of screen.
My problem is that letter is comming on web but horizontal scrollbar is not comming only vertical scrollbar is comming and the text that is comming from PF11 is cutting.

is there any solution to solve this? if yes then Plz. give me a peace of code as an example.

Shakil Akhtar


I lot will depend on the mechanism used to transfer the data between mainframe and web but the simplest solution is for the mainframe to send all the data to the web when the request is first made. if that is not possible then it should at least send all the data on each line (the ‘visible’ and the ‘hidden’ left and right) so there would be no need for you to mimic the PF11/PF10 processing and possible not even the PF7 and PF8 though this might still be needed if too much data is a possiblity and performance degrades.

The reason for the mainframe having the left/right functionality is because the screens are more real estate challenged than the web so not all data on a line would fit on the screen - hence the need to left and right.

Hi Shakil,

Since the letter is not contained on a single "page"or “screen”, this sounds like you may need to develop a Collection Path and Table to display all of the data on the jsp page. The Path can be used to perform PF7 and PF8, and also the PF10 and PF11 keys, while gathering the field data. The scroll bars will be determined by how you set up the jsp and position the fields on the page. Check the Developer’s Guide and look at “Combining Data from Multiple Host Screens”. Hope this helps.