PRIME value creation methodology

Issue 4, 2016                                                                                  

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Increase success with our proven implementation methodology

Prime is the value creation methodology for implementing a Software AG product or solution. You benefit from the best practices and methodologies time-tested by your peers in thousands of similar initiatives. Prime 3.0 was released in September 2016 and covers all areas of the Digital Business Platform.

Prime overview

All five core platform components of the Digital Business Platform are supported by a dedicated Prime methodology, as shown in Figure 1.  In addition, Prime Project Management and Prime Cross Platforms support the overall delivery process and provide input for recurring activities.

Figure 1: Prime supports the delivery process for all components of the Digital Business Platform.

Each of the seven component methodologies serves as a container for platforms. In this respect, Prime follows the structure of the Digital Business Platform. For instance, Prime Business & IT Transformation contains the platforms ARIS Business Process Analysis, ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Alfabet for Enterprise Architecture Management and Alfabet for IT Portfolio Management.

You can further drill down to the platform-specific packages to find the service packages that belong to your specific area of interest. Figure 2 provides a closer look at ARIS Business Process Analysis. 

Figure 2: Prime Business & IT Transformation for ARIS Business Process Analysis

As shown in Figure 3, each individual service package consists of:

  • Procedural models (describing the delivery process/project plan)
  • Detailed work packages
  • Assets (templates, guides, samples, tools & utilities, predefined content)

Figure 3: Service packages provide procedural models describing the delivery process.

What you can expect from Prime

Prime provides a process driven guide about how to deliver a solution and implement Software AG products. You may customize or combine individual offerings to support new products and solutions.

The Prime delivery process details the what, how, who and when as well as the document artifacts that support the deliverables for your projects. Using Prime, you can execute detailed work steps and generate predefined deliverables by drawing from an inventory of assets, including best practices, guidelines, tools and templates.

You also can add Prime for Project Management (i.e., agile or waterfall) to ensure your project success. Achieve even greater value faster by choosing from a library of content based on the leading Performance.Ready reference architecture.

Why use Prime methodology

By using Prime to implement a Software AG platform, you’ll be on a proven path to continuously expand and improve your business capabilities and create business and IT value faster. You will benefit from clear work instructions to produce your project deliverables. Prime content is comprehensive and easy to understand with Prime 3.0 packaged into smaller and easier to consume units tailored for use in your project.  With Prime, your:

  • Project success rates increase significantly
  • Projects stay on track and in touch with goals
  • Projects will reduce waste of resources for greatly increased project efficiency

Get started today

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