Prevent record identifier in flat file string

Please elaborate some more info on your requirment to get PO number start with?


I originally had no ‘PO_Record’ field definition at the beginning, but it would create the record like this:

PO_Number0007233 D 2005-09-30 10:39:02.0

so, I added the ‘PO_Record’ field definition to be the first (0th) field, and it now creates the records like:

PO_Record 66001-0000007233 D 2005-09-30 10:39:02.0

all I need now is to remove the ‘PO_Record’ string from it. so I need it to look like:

66001-0000007233 D 2005-09-30 10:39:02.0


Hi Luke,

You have to create a FF Dictionary, then create a recordWithNoID containing your field values. Create a FF Schema an reference the create record in your new FF Dictionary, this schema will recognize your data ignoring the record name (recordWithNoID must be the record name)

thanks Javier. that worked like a charm.


Sorry for delay response,So recordWithNoID works for you…Actually if you dont no or want record definition to show in the flatfile “recordWithNoID” is the trick.