Prevent oracle connection from taking IS down

We use Oracle for our JDBC pools, but over the weekend they re-start Oracle and we must get the admins to restart the IS. Is there any way we can prevent this from happening (other than keep Oracle up)? Can we switch to a directory structure temporarily for the pools?

whats the minimum pool connectin value ? Try setting it to 0 to make sure that there are no stale connections in the pool.

[wm-cjdbc36-0039][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

All minimum connections are set to 0

That’s the correct error message when Oracle is being shutdown/restarted. You IS server will reconnect to the Oracle Instance without having to restart the IS server. Are you seeing transaction failures during this time? If you have transactions coming through during the Oracle outage, you should probably talk with your OPS folks about scheduling Oracle’s downtime during maintenance window. Again though no need to restart the IS, it will reconnect once Oracle is back up.

BTW, what’s up with Oracle being restarted every weekend? :eek:

It takes down the IS, I have no clue as to why, but it becomes un-responsive and has to be restarted.

Yes, Oracle is shut down every weekend. Good news is it is only a DEV box, bad news is the DEV box is treated like UAT. Every Monday morning we need to inform the wM admins that the box is down, and they have to go out and re-start it. Yippee. Sad part about it is, they don’t come in too early, and don’t treat the request with any sort of urgency. True it is a dev box, but it holds up our development. Down time is wasted $…

Normally the IS can survive an Oracle outage if it doesn’t go down to long. It will reconnect when Oracle comes back up. However I’ve seen it become unresponsive as well when Oracle is down for an extended period of time.

Sounds like you need to have the IS maint. window and Oracle maint. window tied together… Have the admin’s put in a scheduled script to shut it down during the Oracle maint window and another script to start it up when maint is complete. Not ideal but it will keep you from having to wait on your admins each Monday. The other thing you can is explain to your Oracle admins how to do hot backups. :rolleyes: