Presto Re-set password

I need to know, how to create new account in Presto. I can see the Presto login screen, but could not logged in. I create new account, to follow the instruction from login screen. Please advise.


The new account is not active until Administrator activates it.

If this is a new installation you should use Administrator/manage to log in, go to Admin Console (top second icon right) then to Users & Groups > Users. Find the user you created and activate it.
You can also reset user password there.
Then log out as Administrator and log in with new username/password.

If the Administrator password has been changed you need to know it.
If you do not know the Administrator password you need to reinstall Presto.

Best regards

Thank you for responding.
This is not a new installation. I am trying to login after since last six months. That’s right, new account needs Administrator approval. But the problem here, how Administrator get login into. I tried with Administrator/manage, but getting error message “Authentication Failed”.

Any another suggestion instead of new-installation.