Preferred Protocol Error in TN

Hi All,

We’re using webMethods Trading Networks 4.6 and RosettaNet 4.6 as B2B Protocol.

When we try to send a Pip from our end to one of our Partners. We get the following error in the Activity log:

(NOTE: The profiles & other attributes including the Preferred Protocol are set correctly.)

In service Error: Error
trapped in service
[ESIPRT.000000.000020] Error:
Error: Error while executing service
wm.ip.trp.trputils:encodeNSend [ESIPRT.000000.000001]
[ESIPRT.000000.000001] [ESIPRT.000000.000001] [ESIPRT.000000.000001]
[ESIPRT.000000.000001] [ESIPRT.000000.000001] [ESIPRT.000000.000001]
Error Message: Preferred protocol not specified. [ESRN11.000020.000016]
Suggested Action:
Level: Level:
Stack Trace:
wm.ip.trp.TRPSendException: Preferred protocol not
specified. [ESRN11.000020.000016]

    at wm.ip.trp.TRPSendException.<init>( 

    at wm.ip.rnif11.trp.RN11Transport.send( 

    at wm.ip.trp.trputils.encodeNSend( 

    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method) 





Have any of you guys encountered this problem before.

Thanks & Regards

Can you elobarate more how you step up the Delivery information and routing profile in TN and conversations…

Seems definetely its transport problem occuring in trp services and so your handlers:send fails…

Are you using proxy server to send finally to your partner?


We used the “Profile Assistant” on the Trading Partner Console to create the profile for My Enterprise and for the partner to whom we are sending the PIP document.

In the “Delivery Method” screen; we specify our protocol as “Primary HTTP” and check the “Preferred Protocol” checkbox (as this is required when using RosettaNet).