Predict Map Rules Changing from DB to Variable

I am changing a map that was set up with the database names. I am changing all the database names to variables. I cannot get ride of the PREDICT AUTOMATIC Rules. EVen though the field name has changed, the rules remain.

How can I remove these rules. They are Rank 01.

Michele :?: [/b]

Have you tried to remove the screen-field and then reinsert it ?

Finn: Thanks for the advice. No, I have not done this as it is a complicated map. I was hoping when I edited it and changed all the name fields it would have dropped all the rules, especially those from predict.

Is there anyway to do this?

Or is the only way to delete the field and re-insert it?


From the HELP-Screen of the MAP-Editor: B Processing rules

3. To remove rules from a field, enter the command 'u' or 'unlink' into the   
  command line. This will remove a free rule or an inline rule from the field.
  Purging rules from the dictionary file may be only done by the DBA . 

Just re-read your question. You speak of Automatic Rules.


But if Michele has replaced the file fields on the map with local fields, shouldn’t she then be able to unlink the predict rules?


Helmet and Jerome, thank you very very much. Unfortunately I cannot test it right now, but I will file this away. Yesterday, I carefully removed each field and re-inserted it. It is nice to know there is a way to UNLINK rules, as it makes sense that that tool would be available.

Thanks , I am a happy camper today! :smiley: