Potlets not working after changing Integration Server IP adress.


I ran into a strange situation where my portlets are referring to Old URL. Let me explain the situation. We have developed some portlets and deployed those to My webMethods Server and all were working as expected. Later the Integration server IP address was chnaged. From this point those wre throwing java.rmi.ConnectException exception even though we have pointed our My webMethods Server to new URL. Can some body throw light in this situation. It looks like still pointing to old URL but i dont have any clue from where i have to change this.
Below is the complete stack trace:

java.rmi.ConnectException: url = http://TEST:5555/soap/rpc
at electric.soap.http.reference.SOAPToHTTP.handle(SOAPToHTTP.java:148)
at electric.soap.references.logging.LoggingSOAPReference.handle(LoggingSOAPReference.java:57)
at electric.jaxrpc.handler.JAXRPCReference.handle(JAXRPCReference.java:76)
at com.webMethods.soap.module.SOAPModuleReference.handle(SOAPModuleReference.java:70)
at electric.soap.references.interceptor.InterceptorSOAPReference.handle(InterceptorSOAPReference.java:69)


you will need to configure the new endpoint address in MWS. login to MWS as Sysadmin and goto CAF runtime configuration and then click on your application and configure endpoint address , username and password under environment entries

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Thank you very much for your advice. It works perfect for me.