Posting Documents to TN

i have a question in webMethods,i am new
to webMethods(in the tradingnetworks and EDI Packages perspective),i am
relatively good in Mapping,now iam trying to learn how to send and
recieve the docs thru WmTN. I have setup the processing rules, document types and every thing.My question is.

  • Say i am getting 850 message from one of my partner,it hits the
    processing rule and the processing rule hits one of my mapping service.
  • Now in the mapping service i get the 850 message from the
    bizdoc/content( correct me if am wrong).Say iam going to map some fields of the recieved 850 to 856 doc and i want to send it to another partner,how do build the envelope etc etc,every things seems like greek and latin to me(after reading the documentation),if some one could
    please take the pain of telling me the step wise procedue(i.e. the
    service i should use and the possible pit falls) it would be really helpful to me.
    Thank you


Follow the instructions in this link
That should get you started.
As you run into issues, first read the docs again, search the group for EDI as most of the issues have been covered already, then when all else fails post your problem and the community will respond.



For building envlope there are 2 services. For the interchange envolope you have addICEnvolope and for the group you have addGroupEnvolope in the WmEDI package. These would help you to build ISA, GS, GE and IEA segments for the mapped document. After the services are called then call convertToString which converts your mapped document to an EDI file.


after the EDI file is created how will i submit it to TN? These are the steps i did
3.Recognize (no Input)
Are these steps sequentially correct(?keeping in mind i have the output webMethods document i.e in my scenario an 856 going outbound).
Thank you

If you are delivering the 856 document to the partner then you need not submit to TN, use If thee is a processing rule associate to 856 document then the steps that you are follwing are correct.



Once you done with your EDI mapping(that holds final (ST) IDataRecord) then,just follow these steps for submitting EDI document to TN:

1.ConvertToString (it will create actual EDI document string)
2.addGroupEnvelope (for generating GS Envelope)
3.addICEnvelope (for generating ISA Envelope) which gives outDocument
4.finally map the outDocument to edidata (TN variable)
5.Map the above created edidata to Node input of (

Bottom line is TN will show the X12Group,X12Envelope,X12 4010 850 document.


Thanks Kalyan and RMG that really helps,will keep you guys posted with newer probs

Iam posted an 850 to TN and its didnt process it as there are few changes to be made with the sender and reciever ID’s to the document.
I tried posting the document again to TN by correcting the Id’s, but its saying Duplicate documents.
i think its finding the same control numbers.
Now wht should i do to post the document correctly.
Appreciating ur helps.


If this is a test EDI 850 file then probably you can edit the ISA/IEA,GS/GE,ST/SE control numbers and post it again.This will clarify the issue.It should work.

Also is your processing rule or TPA(default or partner specific) is set for checking duplicate documents or duplicate control numbers?? Can you check it.