post/receive EDIFACT messages through OFTP over ISDN


We need to post EDIFACT messages through OFTP over ISDN. We use TradingNetworks for partner management. Also want to subscribe the return EDIFACT messages through TN. We used to do via ATOS EDImanager. But planning to bypass the same now.

DO you have any idea if it is possible to achive using TN ??

Thanks in advance.

EDIFACT is definitely supported. I always recommend using TN with EDI.

For OFTP communication, that may be a bit sticky. wM used to have an OFTP module as part of their “Global Field Adapter” program. Unfortunately, that program has been discontinued and the OFTP module is no longer available.

So you’ll need to get an OFTP library for the communication part. might be a candidate.

With this in hand, you’d develop a custom TN delivery mechanism that uses OFTP. It’s pretty straight-forward. The TN docs have the info you need for creating one of these.