Possibility to find our upward relation/parents of a device/asset in Cockpit


I have the following challenge: I make use of the global alarm overview in cockpit. I have various devices, which have equal names (like sensor1) distributed within an asset hierarchy. If now an alarm appears I can see e.g. “sensor1” as alarm source below the text. Clicking it links me to the device dashboard of sensor1. Now I would need the information about the parents of that sensor1 to be able to localize it (e.g. in which room is it installed). As we have no parent property and the sidebar hierarchy will not be expanded in this case: Is there any possibility to find out the parent (out-of-the-box) or do I need to implement a component, which would seek for my device in a top down approach?

Thanks for any support.

Hi Marco,

I can remember that we had this breadcrumbs showing the hierarchy in the past but has been removed due to UI performance issues (not very efficient to read the whole hierarchy each time)…
I don’t think we have anything ootb and you might need a custom widget or plugin.

Hi Stefan,
you are right, the breadcrumbs became a problem, when few hundreds groups were present in the system. But to get a parent device, you shouldn’t need to parse the whole hierarchy, right? At the moment, if we have a child device page in cockpit or device management, there is no way to navigate (identify) the immediate parent. And that is very uncomfortable for the users. Our customer, for example, has bluetooth sensors attached to telematic device and when they find out, that a particular BLE sensor is running out of battery (alarm), they can not easily identify, to which tracker and on which asset this sensor is connected to.
So a simple information from managedObject about the parents in device management or cockpit would be very useful and should not be very difficult to implement.



you can set the breadcrumbs application option to reintroduce the breadcrumbs.
This can temporarily be achieved by setting the breadcrumbs query parameter like this: /apps/cockpit/index.html?breadcrumbs=true#



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