Cockpit Groups


Any reasons why we do not see the smart groups into the listed groups of the Cockpit app?

Can it be customized so users also see the smart groups?

thank you

Smart groups, by default are only seen in Device Management. The smart groups are primarily intended to make functions of the Device Management app easier, so they are only normally visible there.

I know hence my questions what s the reason behind hidden them from the cockpit app? If a user decides to create a smart group, he might well still want to see business info for that same group on the cockpit. The advantage of the smart group is that it is dynamic; our client does not want to remember adding new devices to a regular group if new devices are being registered on a regular basis. Hence he likes the idea of a smart group where devices are added auto; and he wants to see that same group/devices on the cockpit.









It’s a reasonable request but at the moment it’s not there by default. Perhaps raise a Feature Request, maybe a toggle in the UI to show just groups, just smartgroups, or all. I’m sure a custom app could show smart groups (fragment c8y_DynamicGroup), after all, Device Management shows all kinds of groups, but don’t ask me how. Needs someone with more app development experience than me!