Position of horisontal scroll bar on page

I have a page with a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom. If I move the scroll bar to the right, then exit the screen and go back to the screen in the same session, the browser retains the position of the moved scroll bar, instead of moving it to the left . Is there a way to reset the position of the scroll bar so that it is always left justified?

Hi Niki,

From an end-user point of view you might want to consider the following:

When navigating from page A to B and back (A–>B–>A) the end-users of an application usually expects to find A in the same state as they have left it.
Or the end-user expects that page A contains new data as a result of leaving page B.

Simply changing the horizontal scrollbar position might be confusing for the end-user.

Why do you want to reset the horizontal scrollbar? Does the page contain new data? If yes and it’s a a GRID: You can simply refill the grid. This way all scrollbars of the grid will be reset.

If there is no new data and/or it’s not a GRID: Please also consider that reason for a horizontal scrollbar might be the size of the browser window. Setting the size of the browser window from within your application, to my mind would be a “no-go” for web applications. Imagine browsing the internet: Depending on the url, the application would resize your browser window without asking you. This would be a real “security leak”.

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Hi Niki,
The scrollbar is it for the page or for a grid?