TEXTGRID2 How to prevent header to disappear on scrolling

Hi again,

I am using a TEXTGRID2 to display some lines of data
if there to many lines I can scroll down but in this case the header is disappearing (as it is scrolling)

How can I fix the header so that it remains visible?


textgrid2.txt (3.9 KB)

Hi Hermann,

the scrolling behavior in TEXTGRID2 is exactly as you describe it. This is per design.
Please use TEXTGRIDSS2. It behaves in the way you want and the basic data structures for Natural are the same.

Best Regards,

Hi Christine,

I changed to TEXTGRIDSS2 and it works - thanks.
Maybe you can add a hint regarding the scrolling behavior of TEXTGRID2 to the documentation :slight_smile:

One question remains - I have a column within my grid which contains a date - the output format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD’
Is there a possibility to change this output format to ‘DD.MM.YYYY’ and the column still remains sortable by date?