Porting of Infravio contracts across environments


what is the level of support available within Infravio to port the data between environments( Development,QA,Prod). I know there is a export import available within Infravio.

Is there any proposed support for the same from deployer. The reason being though the configuration is exported still for the environment specific data like server information and ports, there needs to be changes done after porting on to specific environment. By having a deployer support with options to edit data before promoting to target environment this can be handled

Also like the concept of distributed databases , if the infravio registry can handle distributed organizations on the registry then we can deal with this type of situation

Anand Gopalan

You should be able to use the promotion mechanism built into Infravio XR to achieve this. You can actually have a policy event for promotion, which is very useful for things like getting approval, sending notifications etc. Behind the scenes, it uses UDDI Custody Transfer to move the registry entry to the target registry. However, you need to manually change in environmentally specific variables.