Portal/My webMethods Server DB Scripts.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I will be installing Portal/MWS for the first time.
I just had a quick question.
What scripts does my DB administrator need and what order does he need to run the script(s)?
We use oracle and I will be installing version 6.5
All inputs would be monumentally appreciated.
Scoobydoo !

The scripts can be found in the webm_home\Portal\bin\db\scripts\oracle folder. You’ll need everthing in that folder and all of its subfolders.


Do the scripts need to be run in certain order?
Thanks for the response!!!
I really appreciate it !

Yes, the order is contained in the dbcreate.bat script. Have a look at that and you can find the order in which each individual script should be run. In addition, read the readme.txt file in that same folder and, of course, the Portal section of the webMethods Installation Guide 6.5.x.


I also recommend the following document:
webMethods BPM and BAM Quick Start Guide version 6.5.1

Assuming you have a good installation of the tables needed for IS, WmPRT, and WmMonitor, then I prefer to use the Wizard to create MWM tables.


Thanks a zillion for your inputs.

I guess i missed out on the configurator part. If it automatically sets up the DB to be used by MWS/Portal , I do not think i need to worry about doing it manually.

Thank you very much guys.
Scooby !