Popupprop removes popupmethod icon

I’m using Software AG Designer 10.15 with NaturalONE 9.2.1, With the layout painter trying to use the findValidValues events feature in a way that can be dynamically disabled so that value help cannot modify fields when the program is processing a view action. We have FELD controls that use displayprop properties to change them to display only for view actions,

The problem is that adding the popupprop property causes the popup icon from popupmethod to disappear regardless of its value.

I have fix #1 applied.

Hi Daniel,
In LayoutPainter the Natural programs are not executed. It’s just a preview of the page. That’s why you won’t see the icon, because the popupprop value will be set from within Natural. If it is not set, this means “false” = no popup method should be used. In the running application - outside of Layout Painter - you should see the icon depending on the value of the corresponding popupprop Natural field. Does it work correctly outside of Layout Painter?

Best Regards,

Hi Christine,

Yes, once I set the value of the parameter to ‘true’ the icon appeared and was functional. I noticed that this is case-sensitive. Thanks much!


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