Closing Pagepopup Freezes Page

Hi everyone.

I’m facing an issue with pagepopups on Natural For Ajax. This happens when i open a pagepopup and make a call to Natural using *PAGE-EVENT. If the processing takes longer than usual and the user closes the pagepopup through the “x” button, the popup closes but the whole page freezes and i can’t do anything else except reload the application and logon to it again.

The application which i’m working in has a lot of reports which easily takes 10 plus minutes to load. So i’m a little bit worried about this behaviour. Is there anything i can do to block the closing of the pagepopup while Natural is processing?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Fábio,

which version of NJX and which version Natural are you running?
We released hotfixes related to freezing of popups for NJX41. There was also 1 Natural hotfix related to pop-ups.
I recommend to apply the latest NJX hotfix: NJX841HF7.

Best Regards,

Hi Christine.

We’re running our application on Natural 8.3 and NJX 8.3.8.

I will update my enviroment and check if these fixes will solve the problem.

Thanks for your reply,