Please raise SAG's awareness for the need to clearly announce any behavior change

Hello everybody.

As someone who has worked with SAG’s platform for some years, I’m accustomed to find behavior changes in new version and fixes, without any previous if ever announcements, which is a source of frustration for me (and also contributed to the decision to abandon the platform by customers and coworkers).

I understand sometimes, with the rush, a few things might slip out of the release date, but it must be followed with a proper face up afterwards.

I know many of you fell the same, so please let yourself be heard.

I’ve launched a FR in Brainstorm, where you can vent your frustrations (please keep the forum clear):

Summary: Behavior changes MUST be clearly announced.

Product: Suite Wide


It has been an habit of lately for SAG to produce new versions of its webMethods Suite with behavior changes in their UI and API with no clear mention in the documentation or release notes.

ANY behavior change MUST be clearly announced, as also its rationale and any mechanisms to revert it in case the customer has strong requirements to use it.

Any bug report should be considered as a documentation failure and immediately reported to all customers with a new release note and documentation patch (online and offline versions).

But please be civile, I want to encorage improvement and better community engagement.

Best regards and happy coding!