Please clear my doubt

In our architecture we have Tn and then Broker and then Mapping layer in a sequence.My question is how can we pass a doc from TN to Broker. and Broker to Developer.If for example the document is 850.How would it look like when it comes to Developer.Thanks in advance



There are various ways of processing the documents based on the architecture you told above.Once you pass a doc to TN then a processing rule will be triggered and processed to a flowservice as a bizdoc and in the flow logic using publish service push the document to broker.Once it is in the broker the corresponding subscribers ie (IS trigger–you should create this trigger)will subscribe that publishable document and forwarded to a flowservice which we have mentioned it in the trigger.

But if you are working on EDI work generally the architecture will be slightly different than above.After receiving the EDI document via FTP or VAN or Internet first step route it to TN and a processing rule will be triggered which will process to a flowservice (in the developer)extract the edidata content and do mapping to a cannonical document or target IS document format what ever it is and do publish it to Broker and later process is same as mentioned above.

Sorry if it not so worth.