pipeline scoping issue


I’ve a service A which invokes service B. Serivce B is enabled for audit logging on errors. The problem is that for all failed instances of Serivce B, the pipeline logged contains all the variables from service A as well as the input variables for service B.

Is it possible to log only the input variables for service B so that one can edit the pipeline and resubmit?

Thanks in advance.


In the service B, use clearPipeline as the first step of the service, preserve only the inputs of service B.

In webM IS services, all the variables from the calling service get propagated to the called service (pipeline litter, I remember someone called it), as a best practice, I always use clearPipeline as the first step in the service to preserve just the inputs and get rid of the litter.

HTH, Rohit

One need to build a document with the required data input and output elements and then use this document name in SCOPE of calling service INVOKE statement.

By this, the pipeline contents available to service B is limited to SCOPEd document


Thanks for the responses. That helped.