Pipeline variable issue


I am not able to see the variables in pipeline. I am invoking service “B” from service “A” as invoke step not as transformer. When I get the output validation error from service “B”, I am not able to see variable in pipeline, which I initiated before invoking service B. For all other run time error I am able to get it.

Can someone please let me know why variables are not available in pipeline. I am working on WM 9.7.

Any help will be much appreciated…!!

Please share screen shots of your services to better understand.


Hi Niraj,

MR as173d is correct. We need some screenshots in order to better understand what is happening.

Until that point we only can guess.

My best guess at this point is that:

  • you initialize the variable in service A before invoking service B
  • you are dropping the variable inside service B

that would explain why you cannot see it in the pipeline while debugging the service.

Or is your problem happening at design time?

More details would help us help you :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Vlad Turian

Hi Niraj,

I agree with MR and Vlad.

If issue occurs during runtime please provide the related entries from server.log and error log for inspection.

Did you apply any ESB-Fixes to Designer?
There have been some issues reported regarding variable visibility in pipeline which have been fixes meanwhile.
ESB is the shortcut for the ServiceDevelopment part in Designer.


Also for Designer 9.7 there is a ESB fix5 out there for Service Development.

Please check it out and apply to your local Designer and test it.



meanwhile this is ESB_9.7_Fix6 as of Friday, March 18th 2016.