Pipeline Out

I am having an issue webMethods 6.5
I have written a service for PIDX XML.

getHeaderInfo service uses my getPartnerInfo flow that uses my getContactInfo that uses my getTelephoneInfo and getEmailInfo flows

When I run getEmailInfo (Standing alone) it puts the items on the results pane and I am able to assign the data to a variable called gEmailAddresses. My input for this service is a string list named EmailAddress. My output is named gEmailAddresses.

The problem occurs while running the entire process when I get to getContactInfo it calls getEmailInfo. There is some unwanted email data in the results pane (I am not dropping anything) which is fine, but the variable gEmailAddresses is not there/returned.

The same holds true when I return from getTelephoneInfo.

I have been using webmethod for 3 years. I have carefully cut and pasted to ensure the names are exact. This is my first time using 6.5.

Thanks in Advance. Seems like a prettey elementary question.

  1. The other issue I was having is My Parent Flow did not contain the output therefore it was dropping off the results pane.

  2. One of the issues is I have to Session refresh often