PIP archives

Hi all,

Can anybody tell me from where i can download different PIP archives.
I m new to rosettanet. I am not getting this in advantage.webmethods.com.

Hi Ramprakash,

You can find all of the PIP (.par) archives at this “short-cut” link…

Or, if you prefer to navigate to it, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “SW Downloads” tab you see up top.
  2. In the “Products Download” page that pops up, click on "RosettaNet Module: PIPs (v6.0.1) that you will find near the bottom of the “Products” column.
  3. The “Downloadable Items” column will then refresh, to reveal all of the standard PIPs that we support, in the “Product Items” panel.

Hope this helps.

-Karthick Sankarachary

Hi Karthick Sankarachary

I got it. Thanks for ur help.

Thanks Karthick,

It helped me as well to quickly reach to the available par files on the advantage site.